Ros Weadman is an award-winning strategic communications expert, specialising in brand communication and reputation.

In a nutshell

With a lifelong fascination for words and storytelling, and deep love of learning, it’s no surprise I’ve carved a career as a professional communicator and educator. I started my career over four decades ago, working in various communications roles across diverse industries until I established my own strategic PR and marketing communications business in 2011. This got me out from behind a corporate desk so I could make a difference on a bigger scale and do more of what I love – riding horses, training dogs and hobby farming.

I continue to be obsessed by the power of words and the impact they have on people. Why is it that the words of some of the greatest orators, such as Aristotle, Dr Martin Luther King Jnr, Winston Churchill, Mother Theresa and Maya Angelou, are remembered for generations? Because their profoundness stirs something deep inside. This is why I love helping leaders and teams articulate a message that ignites the fire within them. There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing goosebumps on my clients’ forearms as they language their personal story, business mission or personal brand value proposition in a way that’s meaningful to them.

I’ve had the privilege of sharing my insights on communication, branding and reputation on Kochie’s Business Builders television show and on numerous podcasts and publications, including the International Institute of Directors and Managers, Forbes Australia, Dynamic Business, CEO World Magazine, Inside Retail, HR Leader, Flying Solo and many others.

My dedication to excellence in my craft and advancing the professional communications industry has been rewarded with multiple industry awards, and designation of Fellow of Communication and Public Relations Australia. I’ve authored three books on strategic marketing, reputation and personal branding.

What I stand for

I’m driven by big picture thinking and using my knowledge, talents and skills to make a positive difference in the world. A huge part of my work is helping brands connect with their purpose and vision, beyond their product/service delivery, so they too can help create better world while also engaging their staff and building customer loyalty.

PURPOSE: To help brands communicate their mission and message

VISION: A legacy of purpose-driven Australian brands empowered to engage hearts and minds in moving humanity forward.

MISSION: To improve the results, relationships and reputations of Australian leaders and organisations through effective communication.


Truth – be real

Courage – be brave

Wisdom – be empowered

Humanity – be the change

What I’ve trained in

  • Masters in Professional Communication
  • Graduate Diploma in Business Management
  • Graduate Diploma in Education (secondary teaching)
  • Bachelor of Arts (psychology and sociology majors)
  • International Association of Public Participation Accreditation
  • Extended DISC® practitioner (level 2 – individuals and teams)