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How to Create a Personal Brand Signature Value Anthem

A personal brand signature value anthem is a powerful phrase that captures the essence of your most distinctive and significant competitive advantage that is of highest value to your customers. In other words, it communicates your specific area of performance excellence which gives the single biggest benefit to your customers. 

An easy and effective way to define your signature value anthem is to craft a powerful two-or-three-word combination.

A two-word phrase works best using an adjective for an emotional modifier followed by a noun to describe the brand function, such as ‘inspiring communication’, ‘authentic leadership’ or ‘innovative engineering’.

A three-word phrase works best as an adjective, noun, noun combination where the adjective is an emotional modifier, the first noun is a descriptive modifier and the second noun is a brand function.

Here are some fictitious examples of three-word signature value anthems for three famous female singers:

Pink – acrobatic musical stagecraft

Madonna – rebellious musical fantasy

Olivia-Newton John – wholesome musical ballads

My signature value anthem is ‘resonant brand communication’ based on my purpose-driven and values-based content, strategies and methodologies designed to engage hearts and minds at the deepest level.

‘Resonant brand communication’, is therefore, my highest brand value, my key competitive advantage, my most distinguishing attribute, my area of greatest performance.

What is the single biggest benefit you bring to your customers?

It could be found in a variety of service areas such as leadership, strategy, relationships, prosperity, wellbeing, vision, education, service or it could be a particular product attribute or unique feature, a methodology or technological innovation, for example.

Crafting a signature value proposition is a fun way of conveying what you do exceptionally well. It also provides a useful lens for making decisions and staying on brand.


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