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Spotlight on Audiologist Khatija Halabi of Casey Hearing, a Purpose-Driven Brands Making a Difference

In today’s purpose-driven world, becoming a brand with a reputation people want to work for, buy from and invest in means standing for more than just products and profit. This month, I shine the spotlight on audiologist Khatija Halabi, Principal of Casey Hearing, a purpose-driven brand with a great reputation that’s moving humanity forward.

Khatija Halabi is a qualified audiologist and speech pathologist, with more than 20 years’ experience working as an audiologist in diverse settings, in Australia and overseas.

With clients ranging in age from 9 months to 96 years, Khatija is a highly trusted and respected audiologist in her community, equally renowned for her deep empathy and care for her clients.

Experience, Expertise and Empathy

Having worked in schools, with families, as part of multidisciplinary teams, in private practice and with various community-based projects, Khatija has a deep understanding of clients outside the clinic walls, appreciating them as individuals living in unique environments.

While working in a school for the Deaf in South Africa, Khatija immersed herself in the Deaf community, learning about Deaf culture and Sign Language from Deaf people, directly.

‘My experience in varied environments and in different communities allows me to use a holistic, client- and family-centred approach to my work,’ Khatija said. ‘It’s also deepened my empathy and level of care for clients, which is what differentiates Casey Hearing from other providers.’

Aligned with a Higher Purpose

Khatija’s motto is ‘Empowerment Through Connection’ and this guides her work in audiology as well as in communities.

‘People with hearing difficulties become disconnected from their families, social activities and work colleagues. I’m deeply passionate about helping them reconnect with the people they love and the activities they enjoy, so they can participate more fully in all aspects of their lives,’ Khatija said.

‘Improved hearing has an impact on every aspect of my clients’ lives. For example, not only are people better positioned to find work after accessing our services, but they also perform better in the workplace because they can hear better. This leads to improved self-confidence and ultimately, helps them build financial independence.’

Key Services Provided

  • Hearing tests for children (a hearing test is one of the first assessments carried out on children with developmental concerns, as hearing has an impact on speech, language and academic development).
  • Hearing protection for musicians, motorbike riders and people exposed to noise in their workplace to prevent preventable hearing loss from developing.
  • Hearing aid fittings and rehabilitation for people with hearing loss.
  • Earwax removal for children and adults, using safe techniques.

Khatija’s Top Tips for Good Ear Health

Khatija recommends making hearing health part of your overall health plan. While we get our eyes, teeth and blood pressure checked regularly, Khatija says we often neglect our hearing.

The blood vessels in the ear are tiny and can pick up problems going on in the body. Did you know hearing can be affected by COVID-19, diabetes and cancer treatments, to name a few?

Like other aspects of our health, taking preventative action is better than waiting for a problem to occur. ‘Hearing loss can happen gradually as we age and we won’t necessarily know because we become accustomed to what we think is our normal hearing,’ Khatija said.

‘That’s why it’s a good idea to have a hearing test even when your hearing is good, so you have a baseline audiogram. Then, if you develop any conditions and your doctor requests a hearing test, you have something to compare your results to, which can guide treatment.’

A Small Business with a Big Community Focus

One of things I love most about Khatija and Casey Hearing is their strong community focus. Casey Hearing’s recent sixth birthday celebration at a community facility was a fantastic night of fun, entertainment and education that involved people from the local community. The key highlights were watching people dance to their own silent disco while wearing the latest hearing device, listening to the talented local year 12 musicians and cutting the large cake, complete with massive ears and ear plugs!

Beyond her audiology practice, Khatija is an active community member. She has founded a not-for-profit women’s organisation and is the current chair of Women Making it Work, a small business networking group which has a purpose of supporting women to thrive in their businesses.

You can connect with Khatija and learn more about Casey Hearing here.


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