BRANDcode® Marketing Guide

BRANDcode® Marketing Guide

Get off the “hit-and-miss marketing merry-go-round” by downloading your FREE Marketing Plan Template ebook. It’s a practical blueprint, specially designed for small business owners.

  • Author : Ros Weadman
  • Language : English
  • Type : Paperback, eBook

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Business confidence and return on investment comes from being strategic in your marketing program rather than ad hoc. Based on research and built on the creator’s 30 years of experience in marketing and public relations, BRANDcode® is a new way of thinking about and doing marketing. It answers the Why, What, How and Who of strategic marketing, ensuring you deliver the right message to the right audience through the right mediums at each stage of the customer journey.
With 138 full colour pages of marketing wisdom to help you embrace what makes you different and stand out from your competitors, BRANDcode® is a comprehensive marketing resource for all business owners and marketing professionals. Available in hard copy and ebook.

Publication Date: 2022
Dimensions: 29.7 x 21 x 1.1 cm
Weight: N/A
ISBN 9781761470769