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7 Steps to Building a Strong Personal Brand

Building a strong, authentic personal brand increases your leadership influence, builds your credibility and enhances your reputation within your industry, in your workplace and in the media.

It also paves the way to command a higher price for your services, leverage strategic partnerships and create more opportunities to fulfil your business goals and career ambitions.

For those wondering if cultivating a personal brand is worthwhile for career progression or business scalability, my response is a resounding ‘yes’.

Why? Because building a strong and consistent personal brand with intention, rather than leaving it to chance:

  • gives you more control over how you are perceived by the market (your reputation)
  • positions you as an authority in your field, and
  • helps you connect more deeply with target audiences through consistency of brand image and message across platforms and mediums.

The 7 Steps of Your Personal Branding Strategy

Building a strong personal brand and desired reputation takes strategy underpinned by unrelenting commitment and consistency over time. The following seven steps will help get you there.

  1. Purpose – get clear on your ‘why’ that captures your unique contribution to, and impact on, your clients and society.
  1. Principles – define the core values and standards you uphold and that guide your decisions, language and behaviour.
  1. Philosophy – understand the fundamental truths and specialist expertise that drive your philosophical approach to service delivery, and package this approach into a signature methodology, system or process.
  1. Positioning – project a brand image that embodies your authentic style, language and tonality; convey a brand message that describes your unique zone of genius, and identify the brand space you ‘own’ in the marketplace based on your key competitive advantages.
  1. Proposition – articulate a powerful value proposition that differentiates you from competitors in terms of the package of benefits delivered through your product/service.
  1. Product – develop a suite of premium product offerings designed to meet the needs of very specific target markets.
  1. Profile – design a publicity and content ecosystem that builds your public profile, positions you as an authority in your field and increases your newsworthiness.

Ready to Move from Invisible to Influential?

When it comes to building a strong personal brand, people will usually sit on a spectrum between being invisible within their industry / workplace to being an influencer within their industry / workplace.

Here’s two ways I can help you move the dial right now:

  1. Download my free Signature BrandCode® Personal Brand Self-Assessment Tool on the home page. 
  1. Book a free 20-minute discovery session to see if you may be a fit for the Signature BrandCode® Personal Branding Program for Women Leaders and Entrepreneurs. Two new VIP positions will be available, starting August 2022.

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