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Build a Personal Brand and Let Your Inner Brilliance Shine

Whether you’re growing a business or moving up the corporate ladder, branding has become as important for people as it’s been for businesses and products for decades.

Taking control of your personal brand puts you in the driver’s seat of how you want to be perceived by others – your reputation!

A personal brand clearly differentiates the unique value you bring, amplifies your leadership influence and helps position you as an authority in your field.

Some of the many benefits of creating a strong personal brand include:

  • Greater credibility
  • More confidence, presence and influence
  • Being more distinguishable from competition
  • Commanding a higher price
  • Clients seeking you out
  • Increased visibility in the marketplace or workplace
  • Greater ability to leverage partnerships
  • More opportunities!

Let Your Inner Brilliance Shine Like a Diamond

Just like a diamond sparkles most vividly in light, a person’s inner brilliance shines most remarkably when they project a strong, personal brand with volition.

And as a diamond without light can appear like glass, professionals who leave their personal brand to chance become commoditised among a sea of generalists.

Are you ready to tap into your inner brilliance and shine?

Two VIP places open in September 2022 for the Inner Brilliance! Personal Branding Program for Consultants and Coaches who want to become more visible, influential and in demand.

The Inner Brilliance! personal branding system has 7steps:

  1. Purpose – the reason you exist; the ‘why’ that captures your unique contribution to and impact on your clients and society.
  1. Principles – the core values and standards you uphold and that guide your decisions, language and behaviour.
  1. Philosophy – the fundamental truths and specialist expertise that drives your philosophical approach to service delivery, and the packaging of this approach into a signature methodology, system or process.
  1. Positioning – the brand image you project, including your authentic style, language and tonality; the brand message that describes your zone of genius, and the brand space you ‘own’ in the marketplace based on your key competitive advantages.
  1. Proposition – the unique value proposition that differentiates you from competitors in terms of the package of benefits delivered through your product/service.
  1. Product – the suite of products/services, price points, processes and promotions designed to meet customer needs and scale your business.
  1. Profile – a publicity and content ecosystem designed to build your public profile, position you as an authority in your field and increase your newsworthiness.

Plus a range of support resources to move you from invisible to influential.

This is a 1-on-1 immersive mentoring and coaching program where participants take a deep dive into the 7-step method to define their signature BrandCode®. They’ll gain clarity and confidence to unleash their inner brilliance and make their mark on the world.

Two VIP vacancies open in September 2022.

To discuss whether this program could be for you, contact Ros Weadman on 1800 677 600 or via email.

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