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What’s Your Special Gift to Giveaway?

Pablo Picasso is attributed to have said, ‘The meaning of life is to find your special gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.’

I believe each person and organisation has a special gift to give away for a planet-led cause. This special gift could be a contribution of knowledge, skills, time or resources as an expression of public spirit or community-mindedness towards making the world a better place.  

Doing good is not only good for people, it’s also good for business!

Businesses that embrace a planet-led purpose through corporate social responsibility programs for example, not only help society, they also enrich corporate culture and enhance the mental wellbeing of their employees which leads to improved morale and productivity.

Alignment with corporate purpose and strategy is key when it comes to businesses embracing a public spirit and planet-let purpose. It requires an organisation to tap into its ‘why’ and the big picture difference it seeks to make through its vision and the principles that guide its behaviour.

I believe that brands with vision and purpose, supported by shared core values, have the power to move humanity forward. Beyond delivering a product or service, brands can be a force for good by helping to create better health, education and economic opportunities for people, improving environmental outcomes and making a more humane world, whether on a local or global scale.

In line with my belief, I’ve established the Animal Humanity Worldwide network towards which a portion of my business’s income goes. It’s my way of supporting some not-for-profit animal welfare agencies that are working hard to eliminate animal cruelty and promote a world culture of kindness.

What sort of world do you believe in? What is a public cause you could contribute to that’s in alignment with your vision, mission and core values? And what is your special gift that you can contribute to this cause?

While corporate culture pillars will provide a natural link for any corporate social responsibility program, it’s useful if you can also link the cause to the service/product you deliver. This helps ingrain your corporate citizenship into everyday operational processes.

For instance, if you wish to support a worthy environmental not-for-profit cause, start by implementing sustainability initiatives internally that all staff can get involved in. This natural linkage will make any corporate citizenship program an embedded part of company culture and reinforce what the organisation believes is important. This alignment will also connect with people on an emotional level, attracting staff and clients who are the right fit for your organisation.

May the positive ripple effect of your work enhance your reputation!

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