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Building a Personal Brand of Influence

Building a strong, authentic personal brand amplifies your leadership influence, builds your credibility and enhances your reputation within your industry, in the workplace and in the media.

In a competitive and commoditised marketplace, standing out has never been more important. Whether you’re growing a business or moving up the corporate ladder, branding has become as important for people as it’s been for businesses and products for decades.

Personal branding is about identifying and leveraging an authentic self-image that shapes the way you want to be perceived. Your personal brand embodies your values, beliefs, purpose, goals and expertise, and reflects your individual style, attitude and voice.

Benefits of Building a Strong Personal Brand

Some of the many benefits of creating a strong personal brand include:

  • Greater credibility
  • More confidence, presence and influence
  • Being more distinguishable from competition
  • Commanding a higher price
  • Clients seeking you out
  • Increased visibility in the marketplace or workplace
  • Greater ability to leverage partnerships
  • More opportunities!

The Journey to Building a Personal Brand of Influence

When it comes to building a personal brand of influence, people will usually sit on a spectrum between being invisible within their industry / workplace to being an influencer within their industry / workplace. The Influence Spectrum below provides some insight into the journey of moving up the spectrum.

5     Invisible – Your strengths and expertise are recognised by those who work closest to you but you are under the radar within your industry and outside your business/workplace.

4     Emergent – You are starting to be recognised as ‘someone to watch’ in your industry / workplace, and starting to attract new business / roles based on your growing knowledge and experience, and commitment to achieving results.

3     Rising Star – You are gaining a reputation as a top performer in your industry / workplace, and starting to attract higher paying clients / leadership roles based on the results you are achieving and the relationships you are building.

2     Authority – You are a recognised name within your industry and one of the most highly paid. You are considered by clients and colleagues to be an expert in your field. You have a loyal and growing supporter base.

1   Influencer – You are recognised nationally and/or internationally as being in the top echelon of your industry, a thought leader who innovates and moves the industry forward. You have a full book of clients who pay a premium price. Top clients seek you out.

I’ve created a free downloadable Signature BrandCode® Personal Brand self-assessment tool to help people gauge where they are now on the Influence Spectrum and the steps they could take to move from being invisible to becoming influential. For a copy of the free tool, send an email to [email protected].

The Roadmap to Building a Personal Brand of Influence

Over the last 35+ years, I’ve empowered hundreds of business leaders, politicians and executives in large organisations to build a strong, positive brand, increase their visibility and enhance their reputation.

So, I’m thrilled to launch my new Signature BrandCode® Personal Branding Program for Women Executives and Entrepreneurs.

In this 100-day, 1-on-1 mentoring and coaching program, participants will take a deep dive into the 7-step method to build a strong personal brand and become more visible, influential and in demand.

Learn more here. To discuss whether this program could be for you, contact Ros Weadman on 1800 677 600 or via email here.