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Express Your Brand in a Manifesto and Engage Hearts and Minds

Every business starts with an intention, an idea, a calling, a reason, a goal. In other words, a purpose to achieve a particular outcome.

While many businesses and organisations express their purpose through vision and mission statements. Another way to bring your purpose to life is by creating a manifesto as a public declaration of your intentions, beliefs and principles.

A manifesto is an expression of the core essence of your brand – it makes clear, in a bold and meaningful way, what you stand for and why it matters. It serves as a beacon for your brand, resonating with those who identify with your cause and message – attracting like-minded potential employees and clients.

While there are no set rules about the length of a manifesto, consider that it needs to be long enough to impart meaning in balance with being practical enough to fit on a webpage, brochure or other promotional medium.

Here are some questions to get you started.

  • What is the cause that ignites your passion?
  • What do you believe about this cause?
  • Why does this cause matter?
  • What difference will you make to this cause through your work?
  • What principles will guide you along the way?

As an example, here’s my manifesto:

I believe purpose-driven brands move humanity forward. That’s why I’ve made it my mission to build inspiring brands and enhance reputations through communications that uplift people and aspire for a better future. 

My passion and strength are articulating what brands stand for, then transforming their brand story, value proposition and communications from dull and detached, to energised and engaging. This helps them stand apart, resonate deeply with target audiences and forge a positive reputation. 

In delivering my services and programs I’ll always stay true to my core principles: authenticity to be real; courage to make a stand; and empowerment to lead sustainable change.

I’ll know I’ve made a difference when clients tell me they have more engaged staff, stronger client relationships and a reputation built on the positive ripple effect of their work.

The start of a new year is the perfect time to write a manifesto and make clear to the world what you stand for in a most powerful way.  

©Ros Weadman 2021 Ros Weadman is an award-winning brand and strategic communications specialist who helps professional service providers engage their audiences and enhance their reputation. She is the author of “Brandcode®” and “The Reputation Equation”.