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Character, Capability and Care = Reputation

In decades past, reputations were largely built on two key dimensions:

1) character, connected to the integrity and behaviour of people, and

2) capability, connected to product quality and performance. 

Today, in a world where empathy is seen as an essential leadership quality, where initiatives like World Kindness Day and RUOK Day are observed globally, and where people are craving the humanisation of brands and workplaces, care is now also a critical dimension of reputation.

Care for employees, care for customers, care for communities, care for animals, care for the planet.

There’s endless ways leaders and organisations can show they care.

For instance:

  • cultivate an organisational culture that values care
  • build the emotional intelligence of your leaders and workforce
  • encourage random acts of kindness
  • communicate to connect not just inform
  • be present with people – make eye contact, listen intently and smile
  • encourage, acknowledge and reward effort
  • celebrate small wins
  • say ‘thank you’
  • acknowledge phone messages and emails, even if you don’t know the answer yet

Be a brand that cares and the positive ripple effect will enhance your reputation.