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How Personal Branding Helps Us Know Ourselves Better

Building a strong personal brand deepens self-awareness and brings clarity of self-identity

Being highly self-aware is about knowing who you are as an individual; both internally and externally.

From an internal perspective, being self-aware means recognising and understanding your character, values, beliefs, strengths, feelings, desires and motives.

From an external perspective, being self-aware means recognising and understanding how others perceive you.

At its core, personal branding is a journey of self-discovery; finding, defining and expressing who you are as a person. It’s also about shaping a more unified perception of you by others.

So, if you’re looking to gain clarity on who you are and what you stand for, and want to build a cohesive reputation, personal branding can help.

The quest to know ourselves better

As children, our sense of identity is connected to others. Psychologists refer to ‘identification’, the unconscious process by which a child takes on the characteristics, attitudes, patterns of behaviour and emotions of their parents and other adult role models.

During these early years, children also start forming their sense of self-esteem, primarily from their parents’ view of them. In adolescence, the search to develop a sense of individual identity becomes a confronting and evolving process.

Adolescents question the values and moral standards they embraced as a child and start asking more self-reflective questions, such as ‘who am I?’ and ‘where am I heading?’. They also start evaluating their behaviour and feelings of self-worth.

In today’s complex world, with limitless opportunities for study, travel and work, the search for identity may last for many years. In fact, many people spend a lifetime soul-searching, trying to understand and become comfortable with their personal identity.

How personal branding brings clarity

In the world of work and business, the process of personal branding is one of deep reflection that answers questions about self-identity, purpose, core beliefs and values, and self-worth.

This clarity of identity is both empowering and powerful. When you have clarity about who you are, what you stand for and what you’re capable of, you’re more confident to pursue your goals and seek opportunities.

You also develop a deeper sense of being in control of your destiny and shaping your desired future.

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