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The Power of Mantra in Business

Mantra is centuries old with roots in Hindu and Buddhist traditions as a sacred utterance or thought, often repeated. This can be a sound, word or phrase.

Often used as a rallying cry for a military group or sporting team such as the New Zealand All Blacks performing the haka, mantra can also galvanise the hearts and minds of those who work for, and do business, with you.

This is because mantras are designed to evoke emotion and inspire action. For example, Waterman Business Centres’ ‘We’re better together’, Disney’s ‘Fun family entertainment’ or Nike’s ‘Authentic athletic performance’.

Some Benefits of Mantra

  • Aligning intention and action

When people share a belief such as a mantra, intentions and actions are more likely to be aligned.
This congruence is not only beneficial for internal cohesion, but it also contributes to a consistent customer experience which, over time, builds brand loyalty and reputation.

  • A positive vibe in the workplace

A shared mantra creates good energy in the workplace which can positively influence morale, productivity, collaboration and the achievement of business goals.

  • Attraction of ‘best fit’ employees

Because mantra is an expression of values and beliefs of the business, it can help attract people who resonate with its sentiment and repel those who don’t.

Four Tips for Creating a Meaningful Mantra

  1. Keep it short and simple so it is memorable – three words is recommended.
  1. Use your business vision, mission and core values as a basis to craft your mantra.
  1. Include an emotional modifier word that evokes feeling and stirs passion.
  1. Live by its creed.

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