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Spotlight on Brands Moving Humanity Forward

In today’s purpose-driven world, becoming a brand with a reputation people want to work for, buy from and invest in means standing for more than just products and profit. It means acting in socially-conscious, purpose-driven ways to help create a better world while also delivering on your brand promise to customers. This month’s spotlight is on Caroline Ward, Principal of Ki Creative, a brand with a great reputation that’s moving humanity forward.


Her clients include Pro-Am Australia, Successful Endeavours, City of Casey, City of Greater Dandenong, Yarra Valley Produce, Business On Track, Microtech Designs, Insurance Advisernet, Marcomms Australia, McKay Training, Melba Support Services and Rainbow Serpent Festival.

Meet Caroline Ward, recently acclaimed by the Australian Business Journal as one of the ‘20 graphic designers to watch in 2022’.

With more than 20 years’ industry experience, Caroline is a visual communication and brand specialist, renowned for her problem-solving and ‘design thinking’ approach that ensures her clients always get the most creative solution for their project.

Caroline’s vision is to breathe new life into business – to help businesses reach their potential and inspire positive change through design that truly represents their brand and meaningfully connects with their audience.

Some of the key challenges Caroline’s clients experience, include:

  • needing to refresh / update an old, tired-looking or bland existing brand design
  • building a new cohesive and consistent corporate identity
  • creating a brand that connects more effectively with a company’s target markets
  • creating a design suite for a new product launch

As a result, Caroline creates well-considered, professional designs that cut through the noise of a distracted and competitive marketplace. Her designs connect with the right target audience, inspiring them to engage with the brand.

Caroline’s top brand design tip

‘Consistency is key to a strong brand,’ Caroline says. ‘Having a consistent brand that is expressed with integrity from the heart of the business builds trust and credibility – because people know what to expect from you.’

How Caroline is moving humanity forward

Caroline has partnered with B1G1 (Buy One Give One), a platform enabling businesses to contribute to a more positive world as they simply go about their everyday business activity. Ki Creative has contributed more than 2,320 in ‘giving impacts’ through B1G1, including funding 527 days’ access to a Computer Learning Centre for Indigenous Australian children.

Caroline also loves to collaborate with innovative businesses going above and beyond to promote social responsibility and environmental sustainability.

You can connect with Caroline and learn more about Ki Creative here.


Caroline is part of our Signature BrandCode® community of visionary and purpose-driven businesses making a big picture difference. Perhaps you can see yourself as part of this community too? Connect with Ros here to find out more.

May the positive ripple effect of your work enhance your reputation!


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