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The Moulin Rouge is a mindset. So is your brand.

Mindset is synonymous with culture.

A person’s mindset, made up of their values and beliefs, drives their thinking, language and behaviour, the same way values and beliefs of organisational culture drive the attitudes, words and actions of employees.

The values and beliefs that bonded together the mindsets of bohemians and artists of the Moulin Rouge were the ideals of truth, beauty, freedom and love. This collective mindset became the brand of the nightclub and released a potent energy that inspired a way of life.

Similarly, the ideals underpinning organisational culture galvanize employee mindsets, positively or negatively. This not only impacts employee morale, productivity and retention but also influences the customer experience as the attitudes, language and actions of staff play out in service delivery.

When you cultivate an organisational culture built on shared values and beliefs, the resultant collective mindset will define your brand and, ultimately, shape your reputation.

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