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Be your brand’s own VALENTINE

While Valentine’s Day is about declaring love for others, it’s also a perfect opportunity for reaffirming your commitment to your own brand again.

Here’s a seven-point checklist to ensure you’re thinking, speaking and acting in line with your authentic brand.

  1. Revisit your mission, ensuring it captures what you do exceptionally well every day for the benefit of those whom you serve.
  1. Review your vision, ensuring it is an outward-facing, aspirational statement that defines the impact or legacy you wish to leave as a result of the work you do.
  1. Translate your values into trademark behaviours to define the standards you’ll uphold.
  1. Review your value proposition, making sure it closes the gap from where your customer target market is now to where they want to be in the future.
  1. Tell the story behind the brand with vulnerability and empathy.
  1. Do business with and hire people who are a values match.
  1. Create a signature value anthem – a two- or three-word phrase that captures the essence of your most distinctive and significant competitive advantage. This is the attribute or area of product/service delivery at which you perform best and which gives the single biggest benefit to your customers.

There may be many people who do what you do but there’s only one you. Stay true to who you are by ‘being’ and celebrating your authentic brand.