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Value Your Professional Self-Worth and Others Will Too

How highly you value your professional self-worth has a direct bearing on the results you’ll achieve in career and business.

A common mindset I come across with clients in their marketing and PR efforts is undervaluing themselves and the service they deliver.

Whether ongoing or fleeting, self-doubt about one’s professional capability or business acumen oftentimes leads people to question whether they are ‘good enough’.

For example, ‘Am I good enough to…

  • pitch for this amazing job/project?
  • charge a higher price for my service?
  • run a public workshop?
  • deliver a keynote presentation at a conference?
  • publish an article on LinkedIn?
  • do a media interview with the local journalist?

Such negative thinking and associated self-talk not only keeps people stuck in a mindset of procrastination and inaction, but it can also inhibit professional growth and undermine business progress.

For instance, if you have low professional self-worth, you are more likely to:

  • devalue the service you offer and charge below the market rate
  • only sell your time rather than pricing your services based on the unique value you deliver in solving a high-value problem
  • not take advantage of opportunities, preferring to stay in your comfort zone
  • stay a commoditised ‘vanilla’ brand rather than stand out from competitors

Ultimately, the success you truly desire will remain elusive until you change your mindset around your professional self-worth.

How we value ourselves professionally comes down to what we believe about ourselves.

Like values, beliefs are a filter for our thoughts, language and actions. While beliefs are not facts, we act ‘as if’ they’re true. And because we have a strong personal investment in our beliefs, we constantly seek information to validate them, leading them to become self-fulfilling prophecies.

Cultivating new positive beliefs is the same as developing any new habit – consistent and repeated action. When next you find yourself questionning whether or not you are professionally good enough, try using the three-step PAW process:

Choose to believe:

  1. It is Possible
  2. You are Able
  3. You are Worthy

Then, rinse and repeat, often.

When you truly believe you are good enough and highly value your professional self-worth, you will have the clarity, confidence and certainty to determine a price that reflects your unique value, to pitch for that project, to grasp opportunities as they arise and to attract clients/employers who also highly value your worth.

Now, over to you…

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