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Spotlight on Lana Bonnet and Dani Lawrence, Shaking the Mould of the ‘Typical Tradie Stereotype’

In today’s purpose-driven world, becoming a brand with a reputation people want to work for, buy from and invest in means standing for more than just products and profit. In this article, I shine the spotlight on Lana Bonnet and Dani Lawrence, co-founders of L&D Picturesque Painting in Melbourne, a purpose-driven brand with a great reputation that’s moving humanity forward.

Their clients include Waterman Business Centres, OBrien Real Estate, Ray White Real Estate, aged care homes, schools and home owners.

Meet Lana Bonnet and Dani Lawrence, best friends since teenagers, a dynamic goal-kicking duo on the soccer field and now co-owners of two thriving businesses, and trailblazing a path for women in traditionally-male-dominated trade industries.

Honing their skills early in family trade businesses, Lana and Dani started L&D Picturesque Painting in 2014. With a strong work ethic, laser-beam focus on results, and strong commitment to integrity and client communication, the business has experienced steady growth. L&D Flawless Flooring is now part of the business stable and they have 14 employees across both businesses.

Painting a Path for Female Tradies

As painting and flooring specialists Lana and Dani are renowned for their professional, punctual and precise trade work. However, it’s their commitment to a higher purpose that also sets them apart in the industry.

Not only are they committed to changing the perception of the ‘typical tradie stereotype’ of poor communication, unreliable attendance and inferior-quality work, they’re also dedicated to ‘shaking the mould’ by empowering women to pursue their dream in trade industries.

Their website articulates a compelling future – ‘At L&D Picturesque Painting, we want to live in a world where females are empowered, encouraged and full of confidence to get out there and give it a go. That’s why we’ll be the change we want to see in the world by leading by example and being positive role models for women in a traditionally male-dominated industry.’

‘‘We are super passionate about showing women that they can do anything they put their minds to,’ Lana said.

‘We are so passionate about empowering women to chase their dreams even if they have been told they cannot.

‘Our message to women thinking about getting into a trade is, “be strong, have resilience and believe in yourself”.

‘As women, we bring something unique to the industry and that should never be discounted. You can achieve amazing things in this industry with the right support around you and surrounding yourself with the right people.’

Lana and Dani have set a vision for their business ‘To become the largest female-run organisation in
Australia, so that we can change the statistics of the construction industry, creating equal opportunity in trades’. They have big plans so watch this space!

Outside of the business, Lana is a regular speaker at community events that empower young girls aged 11-17 years, to build resilience and determination as they navigate the challenges and opportunities of teenage life.

Lana and Dani’s Top Tradie Tips

Whether you’re painting your office or home, planning is key:

  1. Take a sample home
  2. Paint a small section of wall
  3. Use the best tools and prepare the surface for the best outcome

You can connect with Lana and Dani and learn more about L&D Picturesque Painting here.


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