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Word of the Herd – Bland Is Out, Brand Is in!

It’s a jungle out there! Running a small business in today’s highly competitive and commoditised marketplace can feel like it’s survival of the fittest. While you don’t have to be as brightly coloured as this macaw to stand out in a sea of sameness, leveraging your brand’s natural strengths and unique attributes is key to moving your business image from bland to brand.

The following brand reputation insights are inspired by my recent visit to see the beautiful and amazing animals of Australia Zoo and Bird World in Queensland, Australia.

Brands are confident like peacocks

Peacocks fan their magnificent iridescent tail feathers and strut their stuff when trying to attract a mate. Similarly, confidence is highly attractive to prospects when it comes to communicating your brand and the outcomes you can deliver for your clients.

Brands reach for the heights like giraffes

Giraffes use their long necks to reach for the best foliage. Similarly, successful brands strive to be the best they can be by embracing a growth mindset and taking a positive, proactive approach towards their PR and marketing program.

Brands are curious like meercats

Meercats are always scanning the environment to ensure the protection of their group. Similarly, industry-leading brands keep an eye on the horizon so they can stay abreast of emerging trends, innovate and adapt, and lead the conversation.

Brands have a unique identity like zebras

Zebra stripes are unique like fingerprints. Similarly, successful brands have a distinctive identity, made up of visual elements such as a logo, colours, symbols and name, to project the desired look and feel of the brand.

Brands have a powerful message like tigers

A tiger’s roar can be heard as far as three kilometres away. Similarly, successful brands have a message they want the world to hear and communicate it in a way that reflects their individual style, attitude and voice.

Brands have a special way of doing things like elephants

Elephants don’t use their mouths to eat, they use their trunks to tear off grass then place it in their mouth.  Similarly, successful brands have a unique way of delivering their service. This could be a signature methodology, such as a specific process, system or technique or a specific technology, game or piece of equipment, for example, to deliver a special experience.

Brands embrace their natural strengths like rhinoceros

Rhinos use their horns for several functions, including defending their calves from predators and for foraging. Similarly, successful brands use their natural strengths – such as technological innovation, location, market specialisation, unique product features, affordability and timeliness – as their competitive advantages.

Be the brand you believe yourself to be – the only permission you need is your own!

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